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this is a really sad question because iut’s been all across the news for the past month and little posts here and there have popped up across tumblr but how do you not know? honestly, how do you not know?

they’re a terrorist cell that believes in salafism, a (worldwide) caliphate (which is an islamic empire), and anti-non-sunni groups. they used to be a subgroup of al-qaeda but al-qaeda was like ‘ummm wtf y’all too extreme y’all need to chill’. they’ve been around since 2004 but only recently they’ve become a strong arm.

their current leader is abu bakr al-baghdadi who was trained by the CIA and mossad after being smuggled out of jail. after bin laden was killed in 2011 he promised retaliation on a world-wide scale and delivered on his promise. that year was when the syrian civil war began and ISIS emerged as a driving force behind “”“revolutionaries”“” collaborating with the group al-nusra, another very dangerous terrorist group. then later on, they broke away from al-nusra and started a “rebirth” of the group.

ISIS has been funded by the US, saudi arabia, jordan, all the big arab states and majority of the western powers for years.

ISIS is notorious for its unimaginable brutality. they behead men, women, and children; they literally crucify assyrian christians or anyone with whom they don’t agree; they abduct children and brainwash them into becoming fighters; they rape and sell women and young girls as young as like 8-9 years old in the sex markets; they execute minorities and bury them in mass graves with some of them being still alive; they desecrate holy places (they converted a centuries old armenian church into their headquarters, they destroyed the tombs of many prophets, etc). they have no morality.

what is even worse is that their propaganda videos actually WORK. they convey their message of “cleaning up” the middle east to create an even more “purer” islam as some type of film where they are the heroes and they get applauded by people in the street after some victory. and this actually works to some degree. lots of muslims from abroad, especially recent reverts who are feeble/susceptible into believing this because they’re still new to the religion and don’t know what is right and what is wrong, decide to pack everything up and go to al-raqqah to take an oath and fight for them. they’re recruiting people with important degrees in things like engineering, law, medicine, biotechnology, etc which is even MORE dangerous because they’re educated people who can create things.

they’ve displaced millions. recently they took over the city of mosul where a bunch of indigenous assyrian christians live. they executed 1700 shia students. they executed 550 yezidi men and buried them in a mass grave with some of them still alive. they abducted about 700 yezidi kurdish women and sold them to the sex markets. they cut off water supplies to the turkmen town of amerli. they crucified 5 kurdish men in rojava (syria) for being affiliated with YPG, a kurdish militia force.

they’re damn terrifying and it’s sad to see that y’all who say you’re up-to-date with things that are happening in the world have no idea what this is. thefunnyadventuretimes

They told me to pour my heart into everything I do. So that’s what I did, I poured and poured and poured. Now they ask me why I’m so empty.

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